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        about us






        Hechuang photoelectric(Wuhan)Co.,Ltd.was founded in September2011,and is located in the Photoelectric Indus- trial Park, South liufangyuan Road, East Lake High Tech Development Zone, optical valley, Wuhan, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

        The company has standard workshops,mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of various types of precision optical glass. The products are highly recognized by the industry.It is the ?rst choice suppli- er of many top manufacturers in the world, which can meet the application needs of customers and the market for high-quality and diverse products. The products are widely used in the ?elds of optoelectronics,optics,opticalcommu- nication information science, laser, medical equipment, machine vision, survey equipment, precision instruments and semiconductors.

        The company has a complete set of production and processing equipment and strict quality management system(ISO9001 quality management system certi?cation). It can provide all kinds of special-shaped parts, polished parts, blank parts and coated parts. It is a processing and manufacturing enterprise with high-precision mass produc- tioncapacity.

        Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019, the number of confirmed cases in many cities across the country has skyrocketed, and the global situation has become increasingly serious. In order to better prevention and control, thermometers are needed to screen patients with fever in both individuals and families, communities, stations, hospitals and other places in China. Therefore, the market demand for thermometers is expanding. In the face of the new situation and changes, the company decided to set up a dedicated production line for infrared temperature measuring products, including infrared temperature measuring instrument, infrared thermal imager, automatic infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring machine and other products to help fight against COVID- 19 across our country.

        At the same time warmly welcome to strengthen cooper- ation with new and old customers, hand in hand, common development!